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How precise is the counting system?

The nominal accuracy of the sensors is 95% for the IR scanners and 99% for the Quantaflow sensors. It is possible that such accuracy could be reduced depending on the age of the installation and the environment in which the sensors are located. Even if the accuracy approaches 100%, there will always be a margin of error which could have an impact on the calculation of the number of visitors present. For more details please discover our FAQ real-time visitor presence 

What does it mean when the visitor presence is displayed as 0 and what might be the causes?

The presence displayed as 0 means that the sensors have counted more people leaving than those entering. The most frequent reasons for this (except for any inherent degree of precision in the counting system) detected by our teams are:

  • The site is not entirely ‘water-tight’. In other words, some visitors manage to enter without passing under a sensor but pass under a sensor when they leave. This may happen if people use an emergency door without sensors which has unfortunately been left open.
  • It may be that obstacles have been detected in the sensors’ field of vision, such as – posters, barriers, decorations, flower arrangements, etc.  But also from people – a security guard remaining positioned in the counting zone to regulate the flow of visitors or a queue of visitors waiting under a sensor. All such ‘obstacles’ can interfere with the counting data and give a false reading.
  • Employees arrive using entrances without a Quantaflow sensor and leave at the end of their shift, or temporarily for a coffee break, using an entrance/exit equipped with a Quantaflow sensor.

If I have a doubt concerning the real-time presence displayed, what can I do?

  1. 1. You can carry out the basic system verification yourself.
  2. 2. In case of a clear anomaly, contact customer support support@quantaflow.com
  3. 3. If there is currently no error voucher open for the site, Quantaflow will open one and an analysis of your data will be carried out to arrive at a diagnosis.
  4.  4. An action plan will be sent to you.
  5.  5. The problem will be resolved as quickly as possible, either remotely or using an on-site technician.